Best Drones for 2022

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Drones are one of the coolest gadgets out there right now, and there are so many different reasons you'd want to operate one. For one, they're incredibly fun to fly around. Secondly, they make great partners for passionate photographers and vidoegraphers wanting to get some airborne shots.

You can take beautiful videos and photos from the sky when you have a drone with a camera. 

The best drone cameras can capture the most magnificent views that few have seen before, especially if you don't live in a metropolitan area. You are sure to wow your friends and family. And these days, you can get a great drone with a camera for less than £500.

There are plenty of affordable options for drone owners that offer various combinations of features, video quality and prices to suit every drone enthusiast. So, whether you're looking to get into drone photography or just want to enjoy the thrill of the flight, we've got some recommendations. Here are the best drones for both beginner and intermediate drones.

We've outlined our top picks for the best drones for beginners, intermediate users and "prosumer" enthusiasts, as well as an introductory drone for folks interested in racing, which is a whole scene unto itself. We'll update this list periodically. We've also included a more in-depth buying guide and FAQ on the best drones below, with more information about the key things to consider before you buy.