Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

(Pocket-lint) - Amazon is one of the top destinations for Black Friday shopping in the UK, covering all manner of discounts and offers when the shopping event hits.  The sales see many of Amazon's own-brand devices with a meaty discount. That includes the likes of Echo, Kindle, Fire TV and Ring down at low prices, making it a great time to buy.

These discounts will run through until 29 November.

Best Black Friday Amazon UK deals 2022

Amazon has discounted many of its devices for 2022, where some of the biggest savings can be found. The 2022 deals are now live, and we're highlighting the best below. Echo deals | Fire TV deals | Kindle deals | Fire tablet deals | Ring deals

Amazon Echo deals

Echo Dot (4 gen) slashed to GBP19.99

The older Amazon Echo Dot has seen a huge 60% discount, bringing the price down to a very affordable GBP19.99 for Amazon's most popular Echo.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Echo Show 5 (2nd gen) - save 53%

The latest version of the Echo Show has a big reduction, bringing this small display Alexa device down to its cheapest price so far.

It's now only GBP34.99 on Amazon.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Echo Show 8 - save GBP50

The Amazon Echo Show 8 - the sweet spot in the Show family - is reduced by 42%. This will give you Alexa and a display, with room filling sound. Now only GBP69.99. 

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Echo Show 10 - save GBP70

The bigger Show will follow you around the room, perfect for video calls and with great audio.

This big discount brings it down to GBP169.99

Fire TV deals

Fire TV always get a big discount - this is the sort of deal you'll want to snap up.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Fire TV Stick 4K - save 44%

There's GBP22 off the price of the Fire TV Stick 4K. This comes with an Alexa remote and it's just GBP27.99, a decent discount.

Kindle deals

Ever popular, the Kindle is a great reading device and ideal for gifting.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Kindle Paperwhite - save GBP35

The 2021 Kindle Paperwhite, is larger, faster and better than the previous model. This is a great discount, now only GBP94.99.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Kindle Oasis down to GBP170

There's an impressive GBP60 discount on the Kindle Oasis - the flagship model.

This super-thin Kindle offers the largest display and the best reading experience. It's now GBP169.99.

Fire tablet deals

There are always serious discounts on Fire tablets, which are ideal for travel or kids.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Fire HD 10 - save GBP70

The Fire HD 10 is Amazon's largest tablet giving you loads of space for games or browsing - or just watching movies. It has a massive discount, now GBP79.99.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

New Fire HD 8 discounted - save GBP58

There's GBP58 off the price of the brand new Fire HD 8 tablet, a great tablet for travel and watching movies and the first discount it's received.

It's now just GBP41.99.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

New Fire 7 - save 47%

The latest version of the Fire 7 tablet is great for kids and has a GBP28 discount. It's now only GBP31.99.

Ring deals

The Ring deals for Black Friday will likely see discounts across the board - and save you a packet on security.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Ring Video Doorbell - save GBP30

The Ring Video Doorbell offers 1080p video protection for your door, routing callers through to your phone. Also Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.

Now only GBP59.99.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery - save GBP30

The Stick Up Cam Battery is a wireless security camera for your home, offering 1080p video. It can be used indoor or out, with battery power making for simple installation. It's now only GBP59.99.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Battery - save GBP60

The Spotlight Cam Battery lets you install a camera with illumination so it's ideal for home and garden security.

It offers the same feature as other Ring devices, and can take two batteries. It's now only GBP139.

Best Amazon UK deals for Black Friday 2022

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus - save GBP60

The Floodlight Cam Wired Plus provides massive illumination alongside its 1080p video capture. It needs a wired connection, but can provide wide coverage.

It's now reduced to GBP119.99.

How to get the best deals from Amazon on Black Friday

Amazon will be keen to tell you about Black Friday, but there are still plenty of things you can do to stay in the picture. Of course, we'll be highlighting all the best deals right here on our dedicated Black Friday pages, but the important thing is to time your purchases. Make sure you know when the Black Friday sales actually start, because if you buy early, you'll likely be paying a higher price. 

Many deals last for the entire Black Friday event. Some things, like the Fire tablets or Echo devices will often be discounted for the entirety of the Black Friday sales period, so that's about 2 weeks. That will give you time to make sure you're buying what you want. 

Some deals won't last that long. Deals from other sellers - perhaps for a smartphone - might only last as long as there's stock of that product. If you see a great deal on an iPad or Apple Watch, for example, as long as you're within the Black Friday period, it could potentially sell out.

Some products are only discounted for a limited period - and often that timespan is listed on Amazon.  Lightning deals are something to watch out for, because occasionally they will offer a great price for a product that's of limited stock - and if you miss out, that's it, it's finished. We've seen devices like the Nintendo Switch on Lightning deals in the past.

Of course, the other thing to consider is Prime membership, which will get you free shipping on a lot of products.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday falls on 25 November 2022 and is followed by Cyber Monday on 28 November.  Amazon makes an event out of the sales, and this year the sales to start on 18 November.

What does Amazon discount on Black Friday?

Amazon will discount across categories on Black Friday, not just in technology, but in many other areas too, so it's an ideal opportunity to buy gifts before Christmas. But Amazon's biggest discounts and biggest sellers are often Amazon's own devices.

There will be discounts on Amazon Echo, Fire tablets, Fire TV Sticks and many other devices. Often these are the products that are sought out.  You'll also find phones, laptops, tablets, Apple devices and more in the sales. 

Writing by Chris Hall.