Scooter for Kids Ages 8-12 and Adult, LED Light Wheels

Scooter for Kids Ages 8-12 and Adult, LED Light Wheels Scooter for Kids, Fast Folding Hand Brake Adult Kick Scooters with Bike Bell, Smooth Ride, Height Adjustable City Scooter,Up to 100 kg

Reasons for choosing us?

  • Our products have a brand guarantee, so any problems you have can be solved perfectly!
  • The reinforced design is safer, and the larger wheels are better suited for sliding and steering.
  • The special folding design makes it easier to fold and carry, and the aluminum alloy is lighter and stronger.
  • Three-position adjustable lift handlebars for a variety of heights.
  • The sponge-like soft grip feels more comfortable in the hand.
  • With metal stand-offs for ready parking

What’s in it for you?

  • A good glide experience, whether you want to get out for a workout or take it to work with you!
  • Imagine saving time that would have been wasted on the journey and having a wonderful afternoon tea instead!
  • If you want to give your age 12+ child a safe and comfortable sports equipment, then you are in the right place, our products are very safe, you don’t have to worry about your child’s scooter malfunctioning during the ride, and your child can experience the joy of riding again!
  • When the sun is out, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun on your scooter and the wonderful experience of being active!
  • When it’s raining, you can ride it and feel the gentle massage of the raindrops on your face and experience the wonders of nature!

  • PERFECT GIFTS: This scooter for kids is equipped with LED flashing wheels, which is a perfect gift for riders over 8 years old. Lightweight aluminum frame and extra wide deck are sufficient to support 110 kg. The light emitted by the 8-inches LED flash lamp at night is very ornamental, which can attract the attention of others. 
  • MORE SAFETY: Our scooter with brakes is equipped with a disc brake and handbrake, which can stop more effectively in an emergency, providing a double safety guarantee for riders. It has an extra wide deck, which provides better stability and weight balance. It is easy to control and is an ideal choice for beginners.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: This scooter for kids 8 years and up, can grow with big kids and teenagers, because it has three different height adjustments to adapt to the height of riders. As you get older, you don’t need to buy new kick scooters. The adults scooter is made of durable aluminum. It is very sturdy, suitable for teenagers and even strong enough for adults.
  • FOLDABLE AND EASY TO CARRY: There is no assembly needed when using this kids scooter and it is simple to transport and move around as needed. With Easy-Folding-Carrying Mechanism, you can fold this scooter in 3 seconds, making it easy to transport in a car trunk. Or you can carry it with you with your shoulder strap.
  • GOOD FOR COMMUTING: This Tenboom adults scooter, can meet your commuting needs as a city/school/travel, and provide a comfortable and fast riding experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will help you immediately.
Dimensions: 86.2 x 34 x 14.8 cm; 5.95 Kilograms
Colour: LED Light Blue
Manufacture: Tenboom

Product Description


  • The handlebar is 3-levels adjustable height and it can be adjusted to a height of 88 – 103 cm.
  • Ideal for children in the growing phase.

  • Due to the stable construction made of metal and plastic, the maximum load capacity is 100 kg.
  • This means that the scooter can also be used by adults.
  • The kick stand enables convenient parking at the destination.